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Caroline D. Levin RN

With a unique combination of personal and professional experiences, Caroline Levin has created several important resource books for dog owners.

Levin’s experience in healthcare began as a registered nurse. She specialized in such fields as ophthalmology, family practice nursing, and endocrinology. After a decade of nursing, Levin left this field to manage an ophthalmic veterinary clinic. It was here that she realized the desperate need blind-dog owners had for educational material. Since then, she has written the first two works on this topic: Living With Blind Dogs and Blind Dog Stories.

Periodically, Levin’s readers contacted her with questions about canine diabetes and its related problems. She realized that there was a need for educational material on these topics, too. Levin scrutinized the current literature, drew on her own nursing background, and consulted with dozens of experts. What began as a small diabetes text, evolved into a dissertation on immune disorders, metabolic disease, endocrine problems, and canine nutrition. The result was her third book, Dogs, Diet and Disease, winner of the Maxwell Award for “Best Healthcare Book 2001.”

At the conclusion of that project, Levin was approached by yet another reader who explained the need epileptic-dog owners had for educational material. Levin’s latest work, Canine Epilepsy, takes a comprehensive look at one of the most common neurological problems diagnosed in dogs today.

Since 2006, Levin has researched the endocrine problems associated with Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration or SARDS. Her papers have been published in the veterinary literature as well as here online for easy access.

Caroline Levin is also an award-winning dog trainer. She has an in-depth understanding of canine behavior and the methods used to successfully train dogs. She shows her dogs in AKC obedience trials and tracking events.

Levin is frequently requested as a guest speaker and has written for a variety of publications.

Upcoming Speaking Engagements:

dayplanner150x114Contact us if you would like to arrange a presentation in your area. Caroline offers SARD consultations to dog owners who have already started the protocol. Otherwise, please see these helpful resources instead: SARDS Treatment Protocol.

What Audiences Are Saying:

Caroline Levin has a wealth of knowledge. She can explain technical issues in a way that makes them accessible to the average person. Our group enjoyed her tremendously.

– Patti Webb
Co-coordinator for Oregon Purebred Dog Rescue

Every conference survey said that Caroline was the favorite speaker. She was great.

– Katie Cicotte
RVT Secretary, Veterinary Ophthalmology Technicians’ Society

I wanted to let you know how much our group enjoyed your informative talk. It wonderful to hear that blind dogs can have fulfilled lives and I think you helped the breeders in our group with decisions they may face. We’re looking forward to your next book.

– Jill Faulmann
Education Coordinator, Portland Miniature Schnauzer Club

Caroline spoke to our professionals’ group how she changed careers and what she learned from that experience. By the Q&A period, however, the discussion quickly shifted to canine nutrition and illness. The audience was enrapt with what she had to say. I can’t remember the last time I saw our group was that quiet…a very knowledgeable and inspiring speaker!

– Marcia Keyes
Board of Directors, Lake Oswego Women’s Coalition