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Assisting with SARDS Research

Do you have a dog with Sudden, Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome (SARDS)? Would you like to help us learn more about this devastating condition?

Since SARD was first diagnosis over 20 years ago, little is still known about the disease. Ongoing research by Caroline Levin RN (author of Living With Blind Dogs) investigates the link between SARDS, adrenal exhaustion, and hormone replacement therapy. This work provides valuable information about the long-term needs of these dogs.

In an effort to continue funding this research we are presenting several hand-crafted jewelry pieces, graciously donated by artist Andrea Kline. Proceeds will be used to support SARDS research. Perhaps one might be able to lift your spirits or those of a family member devastated by the diagnosis.

There are still so many questions about this condition and a necessity for ongoing research. You can be part of the answers.

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A few words from the artist

These pieces are designed to reflect the beauty of the human–canine bond. Each piece is hand crafted with sterling silver, Swarovski crystals, and semi-precious gemstones, such as carnelian. Carnelian is a lovely, translucent gemstone that ranges from fiery red to nearly clear in color. Why have I included this stone in every piece?

During the Middle Ages carnelian was referred to as sard. Even today this name lingers on in other gemstones, such as sardonyx. So, I pulled apart a large string of carnelian and placed a few beads in every piece…to connect one piece of jewelry to the next, and connect each of us in the effort to learn more about SARDS.

If you believe in the metaphysical properties of gemstones, carnelian is thought to stimulate confidence and courage in a person, imbue the ability to overcome everyday difficulties, and act as a mood-lifter. Carnelian is also believed to aid in the absorption of nutrients and vitamins in the digestive system. Gosh! Maybe I should make some jewelry for the dogs!