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    SARD Treatment Files

    January 14, 2020


Caroline has made available the in-depth files once supplied to consultation clients. These files are the best way to get your dog the help he/she needs. Treatment reverses the underlying adrenal exhaustion in nearly all cases. And treatment restores functional vision in 20% to 55% of cases. The files will be emailed to you with confirmation of payment.

The documents include:

• An introduction to help you navigate this therapy

• A letter for your veterinarian with an explanation of the problem, an overview of the treatment, an easy-to-understand medication list, and comments from another veterinarian who tried it

• The complete and most up-to-date version of the SARD protocol including both adrenal and retinal therapies

• Statistics of treated cases

• Where to locate various products and supplements

• Where to send the lab work and how to interpret the results

• How to find a veterinarian if yours won’t help you