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    Research Papers and Case Reports


Overview of author’s work:

Published research:

Additional case reports:

  • Case report #1 — Hormone replacement in a Jack Russell Terrier
  • Case report #2 — Hormone replacement in a Beagle (This case is very straightforward with five sets of lab results. This dog regained limited vision.)
  • Case report #3 — Short-term hormone replacement in a Springer Spaniel (This report describes the results of terminating treatment too soon.)
  • Case report #4 — Estrogen levels monitored at Cornell University. (The pattern demonstrated by this laboratory is similar to the pattern demonstrated by National Veterinary Diagnostic Services.)
  • Case report #5 — Confounding test results in SARDS dogs: When both cortisol and estrogen are elevated. (Full text pending. Please also see FAQ #13 at this time.)
  • Case report #6 — The hazards of Lysodren and Trilostane treatment during adrenal exhaustion.
  • Case report #7BLINDNESS REVERSED in a male Springer Spaniel (This report includes the author’s most complete theory of SARDS.)
  • Case report #8 — Melatonin treatment vs. cortisol replacement therapy – a comparison of two treatments.
  • Case report #9 — IVIg treatment does not prevent adrenal exhaustion in a Wheaton Terrier. (This report compares the autoimmune theory of SARD and the adrenal exhaustion theory of SARD.)
  • Case report #10 — A veterinarian’s perspective, courtesy of Dr. Melissa Adamson.