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    Bud’s Story

This letter was sent to me from the owner of the dog described in the ACVO case report. Her letter came six months after treatment was initiated. Her comments may be helpful to owners and practitioners who are considering hormone replacement therapy for SARD dogs.

– Caroline Levin

Ms Levin,

I just wanted to give you an update on Bud and to thank you for all your help. You have given him back to me.

In the last several weeks, he is acting so much like he did before he went blind. I know that he will not be 100% like he was before, just because he did rely on his sight for some things.

BudandKathy_smHere’s what I have noticed in just the last several weeks.

1) He has become more snuggly like he was before going blind. In fact, recently when it was really cold out he wanted under the blanket. Bud has been too hot to want under the blanket for 3 years. It took me a few seconds to realize what he wanted. He was on the couch “looking” at me and not laying down. It finally dawned on me that he wanted to be under the blanket. I don’t know how he knew that I lifted up the blanket for him to get under it, but he did.

2) Bud lets me sit on the couch and just pet him. Last winter he started avoiding my touch. If I sat with him on the couch and tried to pet him while watching TV he would get up and move. It is so nice that he no longer does this.

3) Bud is so much more playful. When I don’t have the air conditioner or furnace on I leave the sliding door open so the dogs can go in and out as they please. Well, he has been doing something that he hasn’t done since he went blind. When I get too involved in knitting, reading, or watching TV and he wants attention he takes things outside. He has started taking toys, cardboard boxes, snitching pieces of paper like my knitting patterns, slippers, etc. and running outside with them. He then loves to play “catch me if you can”. He is actually running all over the yard now with the toys. He was, up until the last 3 weeks, only playing for a few seconds and not going too far from the house. He is also playing more in the house with the toys and me.

4) Bud is much energetic on our walks. I am able to use a 20-foot leash. He is now doing what he used to do — going from one side of the road to the other. He is just much more interested in smells and trying to sniff out rabbits and little critters on our walks.

I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate all that you have done with the SARDs research and for sharing it freely with everyone. I appreciate all your help with Bud and I am so glad I found you in time to help him.

I’m hoping your message is really heard by some of the vets. I wish we could have avoided this last year with all of Bud’s upset stomach episodes.

Please, feel free to share my note on your website. I hope that it spurs people to seek treatment. I couldn’t imagine if I had found your information too late. I just wish I had found it sooner.

Best Regards,

Kathy Moffet